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Established 1872
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Finals Day 2011

Congratulations to our new Champions for 2011.  Derek Gardner and Janette Bray.  Well done to all our finalists over the weekend and to all who helped make our finals a success.The winners for 2011 are as follows -
Championship -
1st. Derek Gardner
2nd. William Paterson
Nomination Pairs -
1st.Darren Gardner & Tom Watson
2nd. Mark Dempster & David Gardner
Nomination Triples -
1st. Alan Campbell, Paul Duddy & Darren Gardner
2nd. Alec Paterson, Grant McCormick & Derek Gardner
President's -
1st. Derek Gardner
2nd. David Gardner
Vice President's -
1st. David Gardner
2nd. Craig Goldie
Handicap -
1st. J C Thomson
2nd. Mark Dempster
Senior Championship -
1st. Gordon Hart
2nd. Stuart Robertson

Senior Pairs -
1st. Alan Robertson & William Nicholson
2nd. David Dickson and Robert Speedie
Consolation Cup -
1st. Ewan Wotherspoon
2nd. Alec Craig
Junior Championship -
1st. Ross Davidson
2nd. Michael Hogg

Junior 2 Bowl Pairs -
1st. Ross Clark & Thomas Clark
2nd. Ross Davidson & Amy Evans
2 Bowl Balloted Pairs -
1st. Scott Jackson & William Paterson
2nd. William Houldsworth & Craig Reid
Mixed Pairs -
1st. Anne Mahon & Craig Goldie
2nd. Susan Palmer & Gerry Duddy

Promiscuous -
Robert Speedie
Ladies Championship -
1st.  Janette Bray
2nd. Suzanne Packer
President's -
1st. Mhairi Buchanan
2nd. Janette Bray
Vice President's
1st. Margaret Glen
2nd. Suzanne Packer
Non Prizewinners -
1st Janette Bray
2nd. Nancy Hughes
2 Bowl Singles -
1st. Elma Gordon
2nd. Betty Forsyth
Nomination Pairs -
1st. Mhairi Buchanan & Janette Bray
2nd. Eileen Tait & Marion Brownlie
Balloted Pairs -
1st. Sheila Scott & Evelyn Young
2nd. Janet McKinnon & Suzanne Paker
2 Bowl Pairs -
1st. Mhairi Buchanan & Janette Bray
2nd. Liz Law & Evelyn Young